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If your Facebook account is compromised then, there is still hope to recover it immediately. Firstly, if you still have access to your Facebook account then go to the settings and terminate the hacker session from Facebook and change your password instantly, with this immediate impact you can recover your hacked Facebook account. For more precise information you can visit our website

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 someone hacked into your account and changed the email address with their own. Whatever be the reason, venge io if you find yourself encountering such a situation where you can’t log into your smash karts Facebook account anymore

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Whether you're using the Facebook mobile app or your desktop web browser, Reset a compromised password using a backup SMS email address or phone number and recover security for your account.
Don't worry death run 3d—Facebook takes hacking very seriously and you'll be able to recover your account.
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Don't worry too much because you will get your account back based on the backup SMS email address or phone number stickman boost
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In case your Facebook account gets compromised, the first and foremost action you should take is to change your password right away. Here’s how to change FB account passwords on mobile and desktop.

Change Facebook account password on mobile

Follow the steps below to quickly change your Facebook password on a mobile phone.
Open the Facebook app
Go to the right-most tab and scroll down to find ‘Settings’
Select it then under the ‘Security’ menu tap on ‘Security and login’
Now, you’ll find the option to ‘Change password’. Select it
From here enter your current password and a fresh password to protect your hacked account
Once done, simply hit ‘Update password’ and you’re done
You’ll be automatically logged out from other devices where you’ve previously signed in be it phones, tablets and PCs.

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