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 Question: What terminal does Avelo Airlines use at MCO?

Terminal A is used at Orlando International Airport (MCO).Bypass the commotion of the main terminal and head straight to Terminal A, where navigation is a breeze, thanks to strategically located Avelo check-in counters and gates. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Check-in Counters:

Avelo’s counters typically open about two hours before each scheduled departure and close 40 minutes prior to takeoff. No need to arrive super early, but make sure not to cut it too close!



Your Avelo adventure kicks off at gates 100–129 in Terminal A. Enjoy ample comfortable seating and charging stations to relax and recharge before your flight to paradise.


Terminal A Highlights:

While awaiting departure, Terminal A offers various amenities to enhance your pre-flight experience:


Dining Options: Whether it’s a quick coffee and croissant from Dunkin’ Donuts or a hearty meal from HMS Bounty British Pub, there’s something for every palate.


Shopping: Explore souvenirs at the PGA Tour Shop or grab travel essentials from the convenience store.


Relaxation Zone: Need a moment to unwind? Head to the designated relaxation zone with cozy chairs and calming music.

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The Avelo Airlines operates from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO), providing a hassle-free experience with strategically located check-in counters and gates. Travelers can take advantage of amenities such as dining options, shopping, and a relaxation zone while waiting for their flights. Speaking of which, have you ever taken the rice purity test? It's an interesting way to gauge one's innocence or experience in various aspects of life.
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Each terminal site is a microcosm of connectivity, where people from diverse backgrounds converge in pursuit of their individual journeys. 
Within these bustling hubs, modern amenities abound, from retail outlets offering last-minute essentials to culinary delights tantalizing taste buds before takeoff.

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